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concave adj : curving inward [ant: convex]

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  1. curved inward like the inside of a bowl



curved inward
  • Czech: konkávní
  • Dutch: hol
  • French: concave
  • German: konkav
  • Greek: κοίλος
  • Italian: concavo
  • Korean: 요면
  • Portuguese: côncavo
  • Spanish: cóncavo
  • Turkish: konkav, içbükey


  1. A concave surface or curve.
  2. An element of a curved grid used to separate desirable material from tailings or chaff in mining and harvesting.
  3. An indentation running along the base of a surfboard, intended to increase lift.
  4. An indented area on the top of a skateboard, providing a position for foot placement and increasing board strength.


  1. To render concave, or increase the degree of concavity.

Derived terms



  1. Feminine plural form of concavo

Extensive Definition

The word concave means curving in or hollowed inward. The term is most commonly used to refer to:
In addition, the term concave upwards is used for convex functions, and concave downwards for concave functions.

See also

  • Convex — the opposite of concave.
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